The Theatre of Cultural Battles in NZ Architecture

Rameka Alexander-Tu’inukuafe’s article in the November/December 2016 issue of ArchitectureNZ (see here) highlights a situation that is currently being played out across a number of professions.  Pakeha institutions (accounting firms, lawyers etc) are waking up to the growth of the Maori economy and are starting to grapple with how to maintain their position of power […]

Te Ao Hurihuri – a Maori model for syntax & semantic?

At the end of Thinking semiotically about Maori architecture I posed the question of whether Mike Austin’s use of semiotics (specifically the concepts of syntax and semantic) to frame the development of Maori architecture was valid. I was alluding to the approach being a form of colonialism in itself – the need to utilise Eurocentric models […]

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